FLEX Financial Reporting

Connect MS Excel directly to your QuickBooks Online/Xero live data and make powerful, custom reports & dashboards.

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Power Reporting for Power Users

Flex Financial Reporting gives you direct, secure access to your data. Connect to multiple Xero and QuickBooks Online Organisations all within the same Excel Workbook and refresh data with the click of a button.

Why Flex Financial Reporting?

Flex Financial Reporting is designed from the ground up with Excel Power Users in mind. Data is extracted live from the Xero and QuickBooks Online APIs and flattened into Excel tables to make reporting easy.

Connect Directly!

Connect the desktop version of Microsoft Excel directly to your QuickBooks Online/Xero data.

Custom Reporting

Use the power of Microsoft Excel to create advanced, custom reports & dashboards..

Technical Support

Got some technical issues, find a bug or want to suggestion a new feature? Email us and we'll do our best to help!

So Refreshing!

Create a report, then refresh the data again and again. You can even refresh a report with data from a different company or report on multiple companies in one report.

What does it do?

Download the Flex addon for Excel to get powerful, realtime access to your data. Check out some of the core features in this overview video...

Security Matters

Your security and privacy matters to us. Flex Financial Reporting connects you directly to Xero and QuickBooks Online and data is never cached or passed through our servers.

  • Direct access to the Xero and QuickBooks Online API.
  • End to end encryption.
  • Connection credentials are stored and encrypted on secure Microsoft Azure Servers.
  • Payment processing via PayPal.

Trusted by the Pros

Flex Financial Reporting is used by hundreds of professionals world-wide. Since its inception in 2013 (Originally 'QWD Excel Integration Tools'), we have listened closley to the feedback of the community and evolved the tool around their needs.

  • Regular updates and bug fixes.
  • Extensive online documentation and video tutorials.
  • Included sample reports to get you up and running fast.
  • Certified Xero and QuickBooks Online Addon.

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Flex Financial Reporting offers direct, secure access to your data. Made for the pros, take your reporting capability to the next level.